The E. Vixen collection represents progress, innovation, and an entirely enjoyable 360 experience. An ingenious approach to hair care.

Our mission is to provide quality hair care  products with the best ingredients to help your hair stay healthy. Knowing which type of product you need is extremely important. If you're a platinum or ash blonde, you may already know about the miracles of purple haircare products. Purple-tinted shampoos and conditioners balance your hair color, adding cool undertones and preventing it from getting brassy or gold between touch-ups. 

An added plus is it does not contain stripping agents like sulfates and sodium chloride. It prevents fading and hydrates with herbal blends. The formula is fortified with extra proteins to leave the hair shiny and residue free.

To contrast the brassy or yellow tones that gray hair can develop, purple shampoo contains blue-violet pigments that adhere to the hair shaft and neutralize the yellow tones in gray hair.  No matter your selected shade, rich mocha, platinum blonde, fiery red or even coppery highlights - protecting your color treated hair with tailored products and treatments is key to shiny and healthy hair.

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